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Post-Travel procedures 

Upon return to Canada 

Getting Help After an Assault : Aid Organizations and Resources

In Québec, some organizations offer free and confidential counselling to the victims of sexual assault and their loved ones. Such organizations can:

  • provide you with information on the resources available to you;

  • help you deal with the consequences of an assault (past or recent) and take back control over your life;

  • support you through any medical or legal procedure, or any other step you wish to take; 

  • offer you psychological counselling, either in an individual or group setting.


Visit the website of the Québec government to find the contact information for the resources available in your region. 

Victims Fund 

The Canadian government created the Victims Fund to support the Canadians who have been victimized abroad. 

The Fund supports the person in need by covering some of the expenses incurred, including:

  • hospital and medical expenses of a Canadian citizen, as required after a crime;

  • expenses to replace stolen official documents; 

  • upon return to Canada, financial assistance for professional counselling;

  • travel expenses incurred by the victim to return to the country where the crime occurred in order to participate at the hearing and/or the trial;

  • travel expenses incurred by a support person in order to be with a Canadian citizen victimized abroad; 

  • expenses incurred by a Canadian citizen victimized abroad in order to return to Canada.


Following a sexual assault abroad, you might be entitled to financial assistance under the Fund. Visit the website of the Canadian government to get all the information you need, including how to apply for compensation. ​

If you have been the victim of a crime or an assault in Canada, know that each province has a similar compensation program in place. The aid organizations can help you find the information you need, but you can also do so yourself via an online search.  

*The recommendations provided in this section were taken directly from the website of the Government of Canada under "Financial Assistance for Canadians Victimized Abroad". 

Aid Resources



  • Sexual violence Helpline (bilingual, free, anonymous and confidential services): 1  888  933‑9007

  • Emergency services (police, firefighter, paramedic): 911

  • Info-Santé (nurses and professional providers of help available): 811

  • Interligne listening service, to help, support and inform anyone affected by the issues related to sexual and gender diversity: 1 888 505-1010

Depending on the hours of operation of each resource: 


  • Manager of the Victims Fund, Department of Justice, Programs Branch: 1 888 606-5111

  • Québec's crime victims compensation service (called "Indemnisation des victimes d'actes criminels" or "IVAC" in French): 1 800 561-4822 ​

  • Rebâtir, legal advisory services, free of charge, for the victims of sexual and domestic violence: 1 833 732-2847

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