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Marriage Fraud 

By definition, a fraudulent marriage occurs when one of the spouses fools the other by giving them a false information about their true feelings and intentions. Driven by the desire to use another person for one's benefit, the marriage helps accelerate the immigration process to Canada (among other things). 

If you are a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada who has met a foreigner while travelling and now want to marry them, it is best and wise to ask yourself a few questions before going ahead with the process:

  • Have you just met this person? 

  • Does this person want to get married quickly?

  • Do they seem in a hurry to come and settle in Canada?

  • Have they been in various marriages or common-law relationships before you met them?

  • Do they remain discreet and evasive about their background and family?

Know that regardless of the context, if you do decide to get married with a foreigner, you will be responsible (both legally and financially) for your spouse during three years upon your return to Canada. Sponsorship is a very serious legal agreement with the Government of Canada, and you must comply with its requirements for its entire duration. 


Keep in mind that if your intuition is telling you that it seems too good to be true, it might actually be too good to be true! For more information, please refer to the website of the Canadian government. 

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