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Woman Abroad aims to equip, in terms of sexual assault and crime prevention/intervention, every person who identifies as a woman and could face such events, by centralizing on a website a relevant spectrum of information, from preparing a trip to following the procedures in place in case of sexual assault. In addition, the project is intended to raise public awareness of the issue and facilitate a change that will improve the living conditions of women. 

Note that a specific of the website relates to marriage fraud, while another is dedicated to the people who identify as a member of the LGBT+ community.


Given the many disclosures of sexual assaults against women abroad, the Calacs created an awareness and prevention project on the matter.

The website is designed to empower women in terms of prevention and intervention. It provides information, recommendations and resources related to sexual assaults and crimes abroad.

For more information, visit our website or dial 418 986-6111.

Preparing for a trip is a key component of risk prevention. Being properly informed and acting consciously will ease the challenges. In addition, a well-informed woman can be alert to the various realities and multiple forms of discrimination she may encounter abroad, while being able to take (or take back) control over her life and travel responsibly.

This section includes travel recommendations and relevant resources : 



While a solid preparation can both prevent and reduce risks, being the target of a sexual assault or a crime abroad remains a possibility. 

What about post-assault intervention for a woman travelling abroad, and when she comes back home in Québec? 

This section relates to the various resources available :

The project would not be complete without including the LGBT+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/aromantic, two-spirited and pansexual people, including any other identity, orientation or non-heteronormative or cisnormative reality) and the fraudulent marriages.

LGBTQ + and Marriage Fraud 

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